Chocolate Chip
soft and chewy with lots of chocolate chips
Glazed Golden Apple
Oatmeal cookie with apple pie filling and golden raisins with a maple and molasses glazed and sprinkled with apple cinnamon crisp sugar
Mexican Wedding Cookie
Buttery, but not crumbly. Loaded with pecans and doubled dusted in powdered sugar
A double cinnamon sugar cookie that has a hint of crunch due to the cinnamon sugar on the outside, but yet a cinnamon pillow on the inside
Cookies & Cream
Our soft and chewy cookie baked with OREO pudding and an entire package of crushed OREOS
Salted Caramel Cashew
Baked with GODIVA chocolate caramel pudding, salted caramel chips with crushed cashews on the top, and sprinkled with salted caramel sugar
Chunky Peanut Butter
Our soft peanut butter cookie with lots of peanut butter chips
Sugar free chocolate chip
baked with sugar free pudding, brown stevia, white stevia, and sugar free chocolate chips for a treat that you don't have to feel guilty about
Gluten Free Chocolate Coconut Cluster
a gluten free macaroon baked with chocolate chips, toasted coconut cashews and dipped in chocolate
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Chocolate Chip

soft and chewy with lots of chocolate chips