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Cookie of the Month Club
6 cookies of each cookie of the week specialty! A total of 24 special cookies will arrive every month to your door! Luck you!
Baker's dozen
13 cookies of your choosing = $12
two dozen
two dozen box of cookies made up of your choice of our flavors = $22
medium tray
Three dozen tray of your choice of cookies = $32
large tray
Four dozen tray of cookies of your choice = $43
Extra large tray
Five dozen tray of cookies of your choice = $54
Blueberry Lemon Loaf
Delightfully flavored with hand squeezed lemon juice and fresh lemon zest with fresh blueberries. Then drizzled with a lemonade glaze and a mixture of blueberry and lemon sugar
Caramel Apple Pie Bread
Baked with apple pie filling and apple pie spices then mixed with caramel sauce. It's drizzled in the middle and drizzled on top with more caramel sauce AND sprinkled with cinnamon sugar!
Orange Cranberry Loaf
A delightful orange bread baked with hand-squeezed orange juice and fresh orange zest with whole fresh cranberries. Then it's drizzled with an orange and cream glaze and sprinkled with cranberry sugar.
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